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Thanks Pueo 


2:10pm April 19 2006Lowryn said:  
How big is this?
5:23pm April 19 2006yellville said: (reply to comment #1114) 
It is about 11 inches long by 10" thick
6:13pm April 19 2006kosmos said:  
Really big!
10:17pm April 19 2006Lieke said:  
big and probably heavy.....took awhile i collect it
3:07am April 20 2006pueo said: (reply to comment #1164) 
$6.05 priority mail ;)... that and a bunch of funny looks from the postal carriers along the way
10:13pm June 25 2006maefleur said:  
:) i love the drawings on it. how far did it travel?
10:58am June 27 2006yellville said: (reply to comment #10930) 
From our state in the middle of the pacific the Island paradise pueo's.......

I do what I call *mailcrap*.....send things I make to unsuspecting friends who give me their addresses......sometimes thsy send something back.

In other words I make out like a bandit.....

Go to this address from dom's old site if you want.....

You can also do a tag search using (mailart)

Now would you like to give up an address?
2:26pm June 29 2006pueo said: (reply to comment #10930) 
According to the fun website "How Far is it?" From Ho`olehua, Hawaii, USA to where Yellville is... is:
3973 miles or 6393 km or 3452 nautical miles as the crow flies.

Personally I thought it would be farther but still almost 4000 miles is pretty darn far for a coconut to travel.

You can check out the fun for yourself at:
2:36pm June 29 2006pueo said: (reply to comment #10930) 
Also for a sense of perspective... you can look at this map (hopefully).
7:39pm June 29 2006maefleur said: (reply to comment #10930) 
WOW! that's so cool! I'm going to check out those links now... bbl
11:37pm June 29 2006maefleur said: (reply to comment #10930) 
sent you an FT message.
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