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No milk but great smell 

Well I really tried to leave it alone, P's postanut has been in my shop since it arrived......It was just too much temptation for my weak will power.....

Boy does it smell good though 


12:22pm June 25 2006artyfactory said:  
very arty shot
1:14pm June 25 2006Haw59 said:  
Are they the coconut people now? :-))
3:23pm June 25 2006ashdad said:  
"We all live in a painted postanut; a painted postanut; a painted postanut."
6:23pm June 25 2006Lowryn said:  
pmsl ashdad!
10:15pm June 25 2006maefleur said:  
nutty alright! :) interesting shot
2:42am June 26 2006DGM said:  
Very smooth cut on the coconut!
3:41am June 26 2006visuallyadaptive said:  
how many can u fit in a postanut
7:11am June 26 2006ohhahhwho said:  
...and check their green cards while you got them there.
11:44pm June 26 2006BrainPain said:  
Awesome idea! I think I had a dream like this once.
8:40pm June 27 2006karen said:  
yup...nuts ;)
6:22pm June 28 2006kosmos said:  
Looks great inside too...
2:11pm June 29 2006pueo said:  
I didn't know there were little people inside. I suppose a postanut would make a great spaceship for aliens ;).
9:02pm June 29 2006Cedar9 said:  
Good idea to split it, never seen it like that
4:22am June 30 2006SGKrebs said:  
too much acid...
9:10pm July 4 2006backstreets said:  
great imagination and skill...congratulations !!
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