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Lemon Curd 

...still warm.

Recipe here:

6 tablespoons of butter is 90 grams. 


7:17pm December 9 2008SGKrebs said:  
looks tasty, but that poor lemon probably knows it is going in the next jar!
12:23am December 10 2008DGM said:  
Hmmmm looks so yummy!!
3:23am December 10 2008ashdad said:  
You are making my mouth water.
1:38am December 12 2008Milibuh said:  
Yummy !!
Good luck !!
5:09am February 23 2009snowbird said:  
Wondering what it's taste! must be really good.
8:04am November 22 2009senna3 said:  
Excellent contribution to the challenge!
8:38pm December 17 2010puddin said:  
Mmmmmmmm lemon curd ....
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