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A deliberate creation 

This autumn could not find required cloudscape,so deliberately made this autumnal cloudscape in black and white. 


5:41pm October 22 2015skybird said:  
a great creation soumen!!.
7:30pm October 22 2015soumen369 said: (reply to comment #178698) 
Many thanks Geoff.
3:17am October 23 2015snowbird said:  
Excellent idea Soumen, and it really goes well in b/w with those huge clouds!
1:45pm October 23 2015soumen369 said: (reply to comment #178715) 
Practically Rosey it is still very hot here in my part of India even in fag end of October.
6:03pm October 26 2015TONYBBAD said:  
a cloudy but soft sky all fluffy soumen nice catch
2:02pm October 27 2015soumen369 said: (reply to comment #178787) 
Thank you Tony.
9:19pm October 27 2015Snappa said:  
That's a good effect.
1:44pm October 28 2015soumen369 said: (reply to comment #178814) 
Thanks Linda.
3:09pm October 30 2015BrainPain said:  
Very imposing clouds here. Well done!
I would never have known about the montage part if you had said nothing.
12:39pm October 31 2015soumen369 said: (reply to comment #178864) 
Thank you BP.
12:55pm October 31 2015SGKrebs said:  
I really like the palm trees in B & W
2:25pm October 31 2015soumen369 said: (reply to comment #178890) 
Thanks SGK.
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