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How would you like them. 

A gift to my wife on the eve of Diwali. 


3:05pm November 17 2015soumen369 said:  
Yes they are earrings.
7:26pm November 17 2015snowbird said:  
Splendid pieces of jewellery.
Hope she wears them with pride!
12:43pm November 18 2015soumen369 said: (reply to comment #179323) 
Thank you Rosey,next I shall upload her photo wearing these.
12:45pm November 18 2015soumen369 said: (reply to comment #179324) 
Yes Peter she is very much happy getting this gift,thanks for the comment.
2:07pm November 18 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #179364) 
Fantastic can't wait to see her wearing them Soumen.
6:24pm November 18 2015TONYBBAD said:  
VERY NICE 24ct beautiful gift SOUMEN nice detail
12:42pm November 19 2015soumen369 said: (reply to comment #179380) 
Thank you Tony.
1:31pm December 6 2015rockinrobin21 said:  
they are beautiful what a lovely gift
6:03pm December 6 2015soumen369 said: (reply to comment #179653) 
Thanks RR21.
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