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Everything was frozen and recovered by a crust of frozen rain throughout the city, so no one (even the animals) did not dare to go out. (Best view in full size). 


11:55am January 25 2018skybird said:  
After seeing this shot SN.....all I can say is roll on summertime!!!!:-)).......
11:57am January 25 2018soumen369 said:  
But I think you have gone out otherwise we do not get such a view !!!!
6:53pm January 25 2018snowbird said: (reply to comment #186656) 
I'll take summertime SK anytime of the year.
6:55pm January 25 2018snowbird said: (reply to comment #186657) 
Soumen this was in front of my house, so opened a window and voila!!!
It was horrendous for people going to work, schools were closed down. even today, you needed some type of shoes with spikes to navigate in parking lots.
6:47am January 30 2018senna3 said:  
Spectacular vista!
In the Netherlands we long for just one week of freezing temperatures to enable us the organization of the "Elf Steden Tocht" (Eleven Cities Tour) on skates. It is many years ago that we had the last one:
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