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Dragan method flower 

Did I make it (Dragan method) or anyone can help me to achieve a better result! thanks in advance. 


6:16pm March 13 2009senna3 said:  
I am not familiar with the Dragon method, but anyway, this is just great, an eye catching result!
7:52pm March 13 2009SGKrebs said:  
this looks really good. (I don't know the DM either)
7:17am March 14 2009Arik said:  
amazing photo , fabulous !
1:38pm March 14 2009ashdad said:  
they are beautifull
6:28pm March 15 2009snowbird said:  
Thanks to Senna, SGJ, Arik and Ashdad for your visit & comments, as for the Andrzej Dragan method, it's a method that is really worth trying it gives very good results (only once you master it, sigh sigh sigh).
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