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R. I. P.  

It's hard to say a "goodbye" to 2 soldiers who died. A 53 yrs old soldier two days ago and a younger one this morning just because he was a soldier doing his job at the capital parlament of canada.

R.I.P. just like this fallen red LEAF. 


7:12pm October 22 2014BrainPain said:  
It's a beautiful tribute but sad at the same time. I hope Canada is not going to have the plague of terrorism.
2:09pm October 23 2014soumen369 said:  
Agree with BrainPain.
8:47pm October 23 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #168459) 
BP we had good times in safety, I too hope not to become plagued with terrorism.
9:37pm October 23 2014Fireupthequattro said:  
We are living in strange times I'm afraid. I don't know how things are in Canada, but here in the UK our government has pursued a policy which allows this sort of thing to go on unchecked, or so it seems. All to happy to be seen as "inclusive" when those that perpertrate these atrocities do not want to be included. They call it, Multi Culturalism. It's funny, I always thought that if you decide to move to another country & call it home, you adapt to the ways & laws of the host country. Not so, apparently. And woe betide you should you ever dare speak out against this. You are branded a racist, something guaranteed to stifle any debate. I have just one thing to say to those that don't like the ways of this Island I call home. If you don't like our ways or laws, the same laws you feel so happy to use against us when we catch you plotting to kill those that help keep you free to live your lives, LEAVE!!
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