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Really don't know how I got to this result. 


10:19am May 21 2016skybird said:  
You are doing very well with your ideas snowbird..a lovely colourful series!!..great.......
1:48pm May 21 2016soumen369 said:  
However it's an wonderful result !!!!
2:48pm May 21 2016BrainPain said:  
SB it really doesn't matter how you got to this finished image. What matters is that you got a great result and you had fun doing it.
7:33pm May 21 2016snowbird said: (reply to comment #182666) 
Thank you Soumen.
7:35pm May 21 2016snowbird said: (reply to comment #182665) 
SK wish people would let their imagination loose when creating something. I also appreciate work done by others that do not hesitate to show their works, fantasies in good shots and missed shots.
7:37pm May 21 2016snowbird said: (reply to comment #182667) 
BP Thank you, like I answered SK, I love to look and do equal or better, but always crediting who game me the ideas.
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