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A closer look 

Closer look but still too far from inside my car to get to see what kind of car it was!Better seen in full size. 


8:54am April 24 2016skybird said:  
a double decker!!!!nice catch snowbird.........
1:37pm April 24 2016soumen369 said:  
Think the overhead one is a toy for some kid !!!!
4:31am April 25 2016snowbird said: (reply to comment #182185) 
Thanks SK.
4:33am April 25 2016snowbird said: (reply to comment #182186) 
It is for some kid for sure, but from what I showed my friend they say that there is a battery inside the tiny car and can run for about 15 to 30 min Soumen. I don't like these toys for children before they reach at least 10 yrs old. Too dangerous.
9:30pm April 30 2016rockinrobin21 said:  
a happy child when they get this, and i agree with you about battery cars get them one to move by peddling or pushing with their feet, that way they get exercise too
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