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Volunteers in a children hospital ward with a mini camera making children smile and laugh.  


4:31am January 27 2017snowbird said:  
Sorry, my original is upright, and I tried 2 times to post it. but is comes out always sideways.
1:23pm January 27 2017soumen369 said:  
Though sideways this type thing in an Indian hospital is unthinkable.
3:14pm January 27 2017snowbird said: (reply to comment #184850) 
Why Soumen?
I would agree with your country had their faces been fully covered with masks, but these people give their time and a little fun to children who go through intensive chimo or other form of medical issues and medications.
3:31am January 28 2017snowbird said: (reply to comment #184855) 
Sorry Soumen I got carried away with my answer, each country has their way & I would respect it.
9:09am January 28 2017skybird said:  
It must help if it cheers the children up!!..nice one snowbird..
12:47pm January 28 2017soumen369 said: (reply to comment #184865) 
Nothing to be sorried Rosey,here even HIV patients are treated like untouchables in hospitals,I again reiterate my previous comment that this thing is unthinable in Indian hospitals.
1:41pm January 28 2017snowbird said: (reply to comment #184870) 
Thanks SK, I'm a soft hearth by nature, but for children I would gladly play dress-up for them and even a faint smile would make my day.
4:32pm January 28 2017skybird said: (reply to comment #184879) 
Good for you snowbird:-))..
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