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St. Francis Church 

St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii

One of Many churches Fr. Damien built:



10:11pm April 18 2006yellville said:  
Bet He never got a PostaNut......Jan came home today all smiles saying the Best piece of mail in a long time....Taking pics tonight....Thank you a bunch, it IS very sculptural
12:07am April 19 2006pueo said: (reply to comment #986) 
Well Father Damien probably had enough coconuts there anyway... no need for anyone to send one to him ;).
6:37am April 19 2006PhotoPro said:  
nice shot pueo!
2:06am April 20 2006artyfactory said:  
beautiful church
11:46am April 22 2006grenthal said:  
a beautiful church in a nice enviroment!
12:08pm April 22 2006pueo said: (reply to comment #1713) 
It is a very nice church. The cloudy skies actually helped light the building rather good too. I'll have interior photos of the church and more on Kalaupapa when time permits.
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