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The principle of this approach is to measure the basal temperature in the morning on the same time (a possible half of-hourly misalignment, but rising by 1 hour later - minus zero,1 and 1 hour earlier - plus zero,1) at the least 6 hours of sleep and at the least three hours later. uninterrupted sleep (for instance, you lie down at 12 o'clock, three nights go to the bathroom, it is already feasible to measure BT at 6 inside the morning and it is going to be correct). BT must be measured right away after awakening, without having to depart the bed, fasting and faulty. BT is suggested to degree the same thermometer throughout the dimension time. Temperature is recommended for 7 mins. each day within the same place: under the tongue, inside the rectum or vagina. BT's tongue measurement is frequently faulty, and


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