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Transportation - Result 

The winner of June's challenge is ... frann!

This pile of crutches just made me smile straight away. I love the off-the-wall (literally, is that a dry stone wall behind?) interpretation.

You can see the original photograph and comment on it here:

Also, we have two runner ups (because it was so hard to decide!). DGM's technically superb photograph of a jeep on a cliff top is just a riot of colour and light:

Our second runner up is Dom's rather more unusual mode of transportation - the expression of the driver makes me laugh out loud every time I see it! I couldn't decide if he was even allowed to enter, but what the heck...

Many thanks to all our June entrants! July's challenge will be up at some time tomorrow.  


11:07am July 1 2008dom said:  
Wait... I was a runner up!? Do I get a prize?? :)
7:23pm July 1 2008challenge said: (reply to comment #57267) 
*points out the bit which says no prizes, just kudos* ;)
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