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Toys - Result 

The winner of June's challenge is ... Kamilla!

A female teddy bear with a pink bow, caught off guard looking at herself in the mirror with the caption "Alicia compose un bouquet des roses" raises so many questions, but I'm convinced that Alicia is simply preparing herself for a hot date with Rupert tonight.

Runner up this month is abojovna for this sweet pic called simply "summer":

- which makes me a little sad when I look outside on the first day of August and see dark clouds and rain. Sigh.

Many thanks to all our July entrants! August's challenge will be up soon.  


12:54pm August 1 2008abojovna said:  
Thank you, I wish you a beautiful summer, many sunshine and blue sky without clouds and storm!
5:56pm August 1 2008snowbird said:  
Congratulations Abojovna for the runner up .... and the photo is just what summer is really all about.
2:34pm August 2 2008abojovna said: (reply to comment #58424) 
Thank you, snowbird!
1:13pm August 3 2008DGM said:  
Congrats to the winners!!!
10:33pm August 3 2008theillman said:  
A lovely composition. Congratulations Kamilla!
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