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Flight - Result 

The winner of November's challenge is... DGM!

This great action shot just made me laugh out loud the first time I saw it. Great composition and colours make it a fabulously dynamic image.

You can see the original and comment on it here:

Really struggled to choose a runner up again this month - there was a really diverse selection of entries, including some very clever interpretations. Finally settled on sylvia's: Whereas DGM's freezes the action in his image, sylvia has a lovely mix of motion-blur and freeze-frame - you can almost hear the wings of the birds as they take off!

Thank you for all your entries - there wasn't a single one that wasn't superb. You are making this job very hard!! 


11:35pm December 1 2008DGM said:  
Thank you!!
12:35am December 2 2008abojovna said:  
Congratulations to winner!
5:35am December 12 2008beady said:  
Nice Flight Image.... Congratulations on your win
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