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definitely no truth in advertising here 


2:45am January 19 2007ashdad said:  
Cool find!
2:55am January 19 2007visuallyadaptive said:  
haha cool :)
8:40am January 19 2007BrainPain said:  
I think the truth is being told. My Motto Search & Destroy. I love this shot!
11:37am January 19 2007yellville said:  
My middle name used to be Chaos, but as the years passed and the hair greyed it turned to Joe.....That's right....Just another Old Joe with search&destroy mentality replaced with sudden desires for chocolate cake all the time.
11:36pm January 19 2007CeterusParibus said:  
that's one mean looking returns queue - good find!
10:22am January 20 2007galvin said:  
Very colourfull
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