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I'd be angry at that mannikin too. I could never pull off that outfit. 


2:41am July 25 2007ashdad said:  
: - ) Great find!
6:37pm July 25 2007LiGi said:  
Not suitable for the wintertime.
7:26pm July 25 2007ohhahhwho said:  
It's not a matter of pulling it off SG, it's more like would you fit into it...
10:57pm July 25 2007YearOfTheCat said:  
11:51pm July 25 2007potterjo said:  
i would be more afraid of some city streets than what i find along our road... : )
12:59pm July 28 2007yellville said:  
I think you could pull it off with the addition of a few accessaries
10:34am August 30 2007Snappa2 said:  
One shoe perhaps?
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