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A watchful eye 

A red-tailed hawk flying by. I liked how I got him through the trees. This doesn't happen often for me.  


12:58am January 23 2009aquiles said:  
splendid shot !!!!!!
1:07am January 23 2009dougrun said:  
Great in flite shot! Sorry I uploaded a photo just like your hawk in the tree! I guess we both shot it at about the same time... :-))
1:08am January 23 2009ManiacMom said: (reply to comment #66895) 
thanks, aquiles!
1:09am January 23 2009ManiacMom said: (reply to comment #66899) 
hey, doug! glad you decided to come over to this one. I think that you will like it. loaded a bird picture? :)))))
2:18am January 23 2009ashdad said:  
Wow! This is stunning. What an amazing perspective.
2:30am January 23 2009ManiacMom said: (reply to comment #66937) 
thanks, ashdad!
8:48pm January 23 2009Mcdonegal1 said:  
You are a truly amazing photographer! This is perfect!
3:38am January 24 2009beady said:  
good capture
5:16pm January 28 2009SteveM said:  
Awesome focus!
6:32pm February 10 2009senna3 said:  
Spectacular view!
3:00am February 15 2009DGM said:  
What an amazing photo!!
10:24pm February 26 2009MissOptimist said:  
Good catch!!!!
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