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anchovy border.jpg 



10:21pm April 19 2006Lieke said:  
a FAVE....probably the fave thus far
12:11am April 20 2006yellville said:  
All those eyes stareing at you.....but very intriguing colors........like it
4:40am April 20 2006visuallyadaptive said:  
looks disgusting.. but strangly intriguing
7:02am April 20 2006Cedar9 said: (reply to comment #1211) 
Thanks! Actually it smelt disgusting too, kind of sweetish and not anchovy-like at all really. Odd
7:20pm April 20 2006PhotoPro said: (reply to comment #1230) 
so, what is it C?
9:28pm April 20 2006Cedar9 said: (reply to comment #1285) 
An anchovy...
3:18am April 21 2006PennyLane said: (reply to comment #1347) 
perhaps an anchovy on acid? i've never seen one that looks like this!
excellent macro!!
5:48pm April 21 2006Lowryn said:  
Beautiful fishy pic
3:26pm April 22 2006Pinko said:  

..very nice!:)..
..I never guessed!..
4:40pm April 28 2006viv71 said:  
I'd never guessed it's a fish :), great!!!!
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